Everything is energy. Your health is a reflection of your energy levels. Your thoughts are energy, your emotions and states of mind are energy, your actions are energy, money and time are energy.

I believe that YOUR ENERGY IS THE HIGHEST CURRENCY, and it is the reason I have created this practice by incorporating 8 key principles into my daily training and also teaching them to my students and those individuals looking to develop and improve their lives. 

This course and training philosophy centers around being able to unlock your highest potential, which comes from the ability to tap into a continuous energy flow known in Aikido as Kino-Nagare. When we have higher energetic levels, all of the sudden we are exposed to new ideas, or new dimensions if you want to look at it in that way. Our environment starts to change, and the reason is because we are the ones who are transforming ourselves into a capability that has greater reach.

It is not about chasing what you want, but attracting what you desire, because you are able to tune into the right frequency by understanding how your energetic mechanism works. Here is what you will learn by completing this course:

You will learn the 8 key principles that will allow you to unlock your highest potential and peak level of performance, by becoming more fluid, adaptable, balanced, centered, relaxed and aware of your energy levels. By the end of this course, you will have a daily practice to help you develop effortless power by cleansing, cultivating and maximizing your energy in a natural way, that in time and with consistent practice will be transferred to all areas in your life.

My name is Guillermo Gomez, and I am a 6th degree black belt in Aikido by the Aikikai in Tokyo, Japan, and I have been practicing Aikido for over 35 years, and have been a professional Aikido teacher for the last 25 years. During this time, I have developed my own Martial Fusion, a training system that has become the center of my daily practice and the engine of self-development and evolution in my life.  I have taught these training principles to thousands of students of various professions and backgrounds in several countries around the world, who have been able to apply these teachings both on and off the mat to create positive, life changing results. 

I look forward to sharing these teachings with you in this course as we move through this journey together.

Let’s get started!

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